Deluxe Bark Control Collar

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Dogs have different temperaments. This innovative collar has three modes, each with six levels of electrical stimulation, so you can fine tune according to the unique needs of your dog. The progressive static stimulation automatically increases after each subsequent bark. Patented Perfect Bark™ technology ensures that your dog's bark is the only stimulus to trigger the stimulation.

Key Features

  • 3 stimulation modes, each with 6 levels of static stimulation


  • For dogs 3.6 kg and up
  • Fits neck sizes up to 71 cm
  • 18 adjustable levels of static stimulation
  • Perfect Bark™ sound & vibration sensors - only your dog's bark causes stimulation
  • Automatic Safety Shut-Off: Stimulation stops after 50 seconds
  • Waterproof
  • Uses 1 x 6 Volt battery (included)
  • Battery usually lasts 3-6 months
  • Low battery indicator

System Includes

  • Bark Control Unit
  • Adjustable nylon collar
  • Battery (PetSafe® RFA-67D-11)
  • Operating Guide


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Gave me back my sanity! 15-12-08
by Clare Richardson

I have two King Charles Spaniels who are lovely dogs but had become intolerable due to their incessant barking. There was no particular reason for the barking - and as soon as one started, it would start the other off. It had begun to drive my husband and I to distraction. We had tried lots of different products; sound and vibration collars, water sprays, a calming 'plug in' and a pet correction spray. Nothing seemed to work and the dogs got more distressed with our anxiety and the failed attempts to stop the barking. I then contacted the customer services team at Petsafe and Ashley was quick to respond, in an incredibly sensitive, yet pro-active way. He suggested these collars and as my mother had already used Petsafe with her dog (and highly recommended them), I was happy to take the advice.

Needless to say, they have worked, and we're both so relieved! The dogs now bark occasionally as you would expect, and seem much less irate in general. My husband and I are also much calmer and I'm sure the dogs sense this. I am a very happy customer but wanted to write this review as the service I was provided with was outstanding. I have since contacted Ashley for further advice about the battery, and once again, he was very prompt (and helpful) in his response. I would highly recommend both the collars and the company itself for it's efficiency and personalised response. Thank you Ashley - and thank you Petsafe! My sanity has returned!!

> PetSafe Response: Hi Clare, you're most welcome! We're so pleased that you've had such a great experience with our Deluxe Bark Collars. It really does sound as though you'd tried everything before coming to us for advice and support, and your feedback will be passed onto Ashley. Thanks again and if you need anything else, you know where to find us :)

Not working on my dog? 15-11-13
by Angelo

Despite being fully functional when tested, the collar just doesn't work when my dog has it on. Any level of barking, you can never hear the unit activate. I've tried to cut the fur around my dog's throat as suggested but the collar still doesn't activate, but works when scratched on a table.

> PetSafe Response: Hi Angelo, thank you for your review. We have a few things that you can try with your Bark Collar to help you to get it working or identify the problem.

If the collar is working when tested but not when on your dog please check the following:
• Is the collar fitted high enough on your dog?
  The strap should be just under his ears
• Is the collar on tight enough?
  Only 1 finger should fit between the strap and his skin
• Can your dog move the collar e.g. when scratching?
  If the collar has moved away from his vocal chords it won't detect the vibration from barking
• Are the metal prongs touching his skin?
  They should make contact to ensure the stimulation is given (you can trim his fur or comb-out if needed)
• Does he bark and no stimulation is given?
  The collar will only work on barking and not howling or whining

Please let us know if this resolves the issues you've had. Our Customer Care team will be in touch with you shortly :) Thanks again for your comments.