ScoopFree® Privacy Hood

SKU# PAC00-14288



Give your finicky feline a private bathroom with the ScoopFree® Privacy Hood. The removable hood adds more comfort and privacy for your cat while keeping litter inside the box instead of on your carpet. Stack extra litter trays on top of the hood for added space-saving convenience. The hood doesn’t have a flap and is slightly see-through, so other cats can tell when the box is occupied.

Key Features

  • Removable hood adds more comfort and privacy for your cat
  • Gives your cat a secluded bathroom
  • Keeps smells and litter in the box, not in your home
  • Flat top lets you stack replacement litter trays on top
  • See-through plastic prevents cats from disturbing each other


  • Compatible with any ScoopFree® Litter Box


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