Stay+Play Wireless Fence™ System

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Keep your pet safe in your yard without burying wires! Just plug the Transmitter into a standard wall outlet close to the area where you want to contain your pet. Charge the rechargeable Receiver Collar in 2-3 hours. The Transmitter communicates with your dog’s Receiver Collar and helps keep him in the designated area by first delivering a warning tone should he approach the containment perimeter and then by delivering a harmless but surprising electrical stimulation should he proceed further towards the containment edge. The system is portable, so you can bring it along with you! An unlimited number of pets can be added to the system as long as they wear a PetSafe® Wireless Receiver Collar.

Key Features

  • Completely portable, no wire to bury
  • Set-up in 1-2 hours


  • For dogs 2.3 kg For dogs 2.3 kg and up
  • Fits neck sizes 15 - 58 cm
  • Tone-only mode alerts your pet with a beep
  • 5 adjustable levels of static stimulation
  • Over Stimulation Protection: Stimulation stops after 15 seconds
  • Covers an adjustable circular area up to 3/4 acre/30 ares/0.3 hectare (64 metres in diameter)
  • Add extra transmitters to increase containment area
  • Add an unlimited number of pets with additional wireless Add-A-Dog® Receiver Collars
  • Waterproof Receiver Collar
  • Uses rechargeable battery
  • Each charge usually lasts 3 weeks
  • Battery recharges in 2-3 hours
  • Low battery indicator

System Includes

  • Transmitter with Power Adaptor
  • Receiver Collar for neck sizes 15 cm to 58 cm
  • Receiver Charger
  • 50 Training Flags
  • Test Light Tool
  • Short and long Contact Points for short or long-haired pets
  • Contact Point Wrench
  • Operating and Training Guide


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If your dog wanders - buy this!! 17-01-19
by Blake

I was getting terribly frustrated with my 1 year old female German shepherd as she kept going to visit all of my neighbours. She was sneaking off the property at every opportunity. This was VERY frustrating (as you know, otherwise, you wouldn't be reading my review) I had to endure the embarrassment of going around the neighbourhood in search of her, waking people up, dogs barking etc. Not to mention the fear of the worst case scenario... I wasn't able to build a beautiful fence like some of my other neighbours, so, I did some research. After careful consideration I opted to buy this model. This morning she tried to sneak off and was immediately halted by this product! Not only does it keep her home, it gives me a HUGE piece of mind knowing she's safe, and it's so relieving that I don't have to chase after her! I can't thank you guys enough for making a product that works as intended and keeping our fur baby safe and sound!

> PetSafe Response: Hi Blake, wow you are really making the most of your new Stay+Play Wireless Fence System! We loved reading your story and really do understand the different a product like this can make to your peace of mind, knowing that your dog is safe and secure. Thanks again for sharing this with us, and if there's anything else we can do to help, you know where to find us :)

Petsafe wireless fence 16-10-28
by Jim Turple

This has got to be the best invention I have ever come across to provide safety to any pet! I have the reassurance of my little dog Harley being safe and secure within the boundaries of my property even when I am not at home.

> PetSafe Response: Hey Jim, wow - that's a pretty bold statement and we love that this product is keeping little Harley safe! Thanks for sharing with us :)

LOVE IT!! Don't hesitate to buy it - right now!! 16-06-25
by Michelle

I live on a farm and have 2 German shepherds. I was going to the humane society at least every 2 weeks to get my dogs out who used to love to take off often. After getting the stay and play wireless fence system I can rest at ease and know my dogs are safe and around our farm. Thanks pet safe for making such a great product that was reasonably priced and works great!! And may I add easy to install and after a few corrections the dogs get the idea pretty quick. In a world when everyone is suing everyone it's so important to not have your dogs running on the road or causing a bad accident if they run on the road. Don't hesitate to get this product it's great and the customer service gets an A++... they are not only knowledgeable but very pleasant to talk to on the phone!!!

> PetSafe Response: Hi Michelle, this is such a fantastic story you've shared with us! And it's so great to know that you can rest easy and your 2 German shepherds are safe and sounds. What a transformation for all of you. Thanks again! If you need anything, you know where we are :)

Worth every penny!!! 16-04-24
by Isabel

I was a bit sceptical of any invisible electric fence working on my stubborn 9 month old 80 lb German Shepherd. I did my research online to see which company had the best product. I decided to buy this one because it was wireless, had great reviews and covered 3/4 acre area. Setting it up was so easy you plug the collar in and let it charge and then plug your unit in. You take the collar out with you and test it to put up your flags. No burying wires.
Once it was all set up we started our first day training our stubborn dog, who would chase any animal or car that came near or through our acreage. Which would sometimes lead him onto the main road. He wasn't much fazed by the beeping of the collar but a few days later when he got his first static shock he realized these little flags everywhere had meaning.
It has been less then 2 weeks from when we started using it and he will not go further then a half a metre before the flags. Deer and moose have come through and vehicles have drove by but he will not chase them past the flags. I am amazed at how quick and great this system works. It is worth every penny. I now do not have to worry about my dog getting hit by a car or disappearing.
I just want to thank Petsafe for making such a great innovative product. I will and have been recommending this product to everyone who has a dog and no fence.

> PetSafe Response: Hi Isabel, thank you for sharing your inspirational experience with us. We love to hear how our products have helped to transform our customers lives and improve their relationship with their pets. The peace of mind you now have that your German Shepherd is safe and contained must be a weight off your mind and I imagine you're both much happier too! Anything you need, just let us know :)

Love it 15-09-01
by Karen

we have 2 mini dachshunds and 2 heelers... We have a very large fenced yard that contains the heelers but the minis are too small and they kept running under it into the woods. This is the perfect solution for us. Trained them in 2 weeks, the heelers can go into the larger yard (not on wireless) while the minis, (one is only 5pounds) stay within a smaller area of the yard on the wireless fence. I love that they all can play together without leashes now, thank you!

> PetSafe Response: Karen that's such a great story and your dachshunds and heelers sound like they're having a great time playing together now. Thank you for sharing :)

Re wireless collar 15-08-29
by Cina Babbington

This item has been the best thing ever created. I would definitely recommend it. When we take collar off the dog will stay within her boundaries due to the zaps she had when attempting to move past the boundaries. Can even leave the gate open. She won't step outside her boundary.

> PetSafe Response: Hi Cina, we're so pleased to hear you're enjoying this product and the benefits that it's giving for you and your dog. Thanks! :)

The best possible product 15-07-24
by Jim

This product is amazing, I am so happy with it, I should have bought this years ago.

> PetSafe Response: Hi Jim, thank you for letting us know how happy you are with your Stay + Play Wireless Fence, we love this product too, but really love to hear that you and your dog are getting so much from it!

Amazing! 15-06-22
by Stephanie Blackwell

This wireless fencing system is amazing. It is super easy to set up and it keeps your dogs contained. They learn real fast on this system what their boundaries are in the yard. We have 3 dogs. One large lab/shepherd mix and 2 beagles and all 3 of them are doing well on the system.
The different levels of correction are a great option to have for their different sizes and strengths or abilities to withstand the correction too.

A unit needs to be designed that has a battery back up. Not sure yet what will happen if the power ever goes out. We have not had to put that to the test yet.

> PetSafe Response: Thanks for the feedback Stephanie, we love hearing from our customers and your 3 dogs sound as though they are really learning quickly. Thanks again!