Anti-Bark Spray Collar™ Basic Spray Bark Control

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The PetSafe® Anti-Bark Spray Collar™ Basic Spray Bark Control is simple to operate. When the sound of your dog's bark triggers the microphone, a burst of spray is emitted which dogs find unpleasant. While not harmful, it is a sufficient deterrent to excessive barking.

Key Features

  • On/Off switch to save battery life
  • Easy to use – no programming required


  • For dogs 2.7 kg and up
  • Fits neck sizes up to 66 cm
  • Gentle yet effective spray stimulation
  • Microphone detection
  • Splash proof
  • Uses 1 x 6 Volt battery (included)
  • Battery usually lasts 2 weeks
  • Low battery indicator
  • Related Part Numbers: KIT11122, KIT11123

System Includes

  • Spray Bark Control with ON/OFF Switch
  • Adjustable Nylon Collar
  • One can of stain-free Citronella Spray
  • 6-volt Alkaline Battery (RFA-18-11)
  • Operating Guide


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Excellent would definitely recommend 24/11/2016
by Melissa holderness

We have a Labrador that would bark when we left him alone so we bought a pet safe anti bark spray collar well we are amazed he has completely stopped barking now I was sceptic when I bought it but it is definitely worth its money I would recommend it

> PetSafe Response: Hi Melissa, wow what a fantastic review! Thank you so much for taking the time to post this. We love the Basic Spray Bark Control Collar too are so happy it has helped to stop your very own bark machine! Now you still have a fantastic dog just a little quieter, win win win :)

Excellent customer care service 05/10/2016
by linda curtis

I had a problem with my antibark collar and was contacted by a member of Petsafe customer care and supplied with a replacement one. The replacement collar works perfectly and I am well on the way to stopping my dog (a border collie) from barking for joy as she runs out into the garden. I always supervise my dog when she has the collar on and she soon learnt that barking produces a spray and quietness gets verbal praise from me. After only a few days I am able to have the collar on the dog but turned off, eventually sometimes having it on and sometimes off (turned on if barking returns).

These collars are a brilliant invention if used properly and sympathetically on your dog but are not a substitute for lack of exercise and training.

> PetSafe Response: Hello Linda, thank you for sharing your feedback. Our Customer Care team are wonderful and I'll make sure to tell them your comments! You sound like a new and true advocate of the Anti-Bark Spray Collar, and clearly understand how a training tool like this is only one element of your toolkit when training your dog. Thanks again!

An absolute lifeline 11/06/2016
by Mary Johnson

My Irish Water Spaniel has always been afraid of confrontation which meant if someone came towards us while we were out walking her she would bark and bark (in her mind to stop anyone approaching her). This was worrying if the approaching people are either afraid of dogs or were children. We tried everything including expensive personal dog trainer. We tried the Petsafe citronella collar and got immediate results so have used it in conjunction with training command (either a ssssh or NO or baaahh at the first signs of a bark) and now we only the carry the collar in case - tucked in my pocket. Brilliant and safe product. Numerous people have asked us about it and we have recommended it to everyone.

> PetSafe Response: Hi Mary, what a wonderful review! We are thrilled that our Anti-Bark Spray Collar has proved so successful for you and your Irish Water Spaniel. It's just lovely to think you both have a renewed confidence and all because of our Anti-Bark Spray Collar. Thank you for your brilliant review and also for recommending our collar to others, it really means a lot to us :)

Good 08/05/2016
by Adam

Brilliant device! Can you tell me if the barking device is okay for outdoors in the rain?

> PetSafe Response: Hi Adam, great question. The Bark Control Collar is splash-proof but not completely watertight. Whilst he's outside in light rain the collar should be okay. Just remember to remove it before letting your dog go for a swim.

Barks still but at lower pitch 31/03/2016
by Carole

My Chinese crested bitch was much quieter for a week then seemed to get used to the smell and either adjusts the pitch of her bark or she just ignores the citronella altogether until I get fed up of the smell. Am thinking of trying the ultrasonic next as she mostly barks at night when I am asleep and I am fed up now!

> PetSafe Response: Hi Carole, thanks for sharing your experience with the Anti-Bark Spray Collar. Each dog has a very different temperament and their unique personality means that some of the behavioural tools work better than others. The spray sounds like it's started to get your dog on the right track and it would be worth taking a look at the ultrasonic and vibration methods too. Let us know how you get on :)

Great product! Thank you! 03/01/2016
by Julia

Our golden retriever barks a lot, and he's got really loud voice, so our neighbours complained about it many times. We had tried many ways, methods - suggested by trainers, for months we worked on it really hard in vein. Later we had bought anti-bark collar with warning sound and shock. It worked on quite well, but we really didn't like it - seeing him getting the shock. We decided to try this citronella spray collar (PBC17-14135). This collar works :-). Our doggy doesn't bark much. If he does, he barks only once or twice in a row and then stops it. This is great for us, because previously every time he started to bark we could not make him stop the barking at all. I'd recommend this product to anybody, who's got the same issue. Thank you

> PetSafe Response: Hi Julia, that's a great real-life example of how you can try all the tools available to help improve your dog's behaviour before finding the one that works for them. We hope you continue to enjoy the benefits! Thanks for sharing with us :)

Great teaching tool 19/10/2015
by laetitia bourgeon

We live in an small apartment and our mini schnauzer had decided that the hallways and elevators were his: he would bark at anyone or any noise coming from outside our apartment. the first day we put the collar on him, he barked, she scared by the collar and started crying which got him sprayed: so we did a lot of turning off the collar and used treats for positif reinforcement. After that first day: amazing!!! Our dog does not bark at people anymore, we still continue with treats and wit the collar.

> PetSafe Response: Hi Laetitia, thanks for getting in touch and sharing your comments with us. It's great to hear that your schnauzer is reacting well to the collar! Thanks again :)

excellent product 21/09/2015
by sarah

5/5 for the actual principle of the product as this is excellent. really works. instantly. i put 4/5 as I did have to get a replacement after 6 months but.... by the time of this our dogs were quieter and calmer by then. i took back to pets at home and they were really good. no quibbles- replacement given instantly. I would recommend this product. it isn't harmful to the dog and it does benefit them also. well worth the money. replacement batteries and spray available separately. easy to apply spray and batteries. ideal for a dog that barks a lot.

> PetSafe Response: Hi Sarah, we're delighted to hear your PetSafe Bark collar is working so well for you! We do offer a 3 year warranty on our products from the date of purchase and you can either email us or register it on this website. We hope you continue to enjoy the benefits of our collar and a quiet calmer dog! :)

Pretty much a miracle for our family. 11/09/2015
by Vivian

I live in apartment near a public square. My miniature dachshund decided that the entire public square was his territory, and would bark at any 'threat' that entered it. All dogs and toddlers he considered a threat. He would bark and bark, getting himself more tense, and quickly this would lead to aggressive behaviour such as charging and snapping. I could never take him anywhere off leash. He would also sit on the bed and bark out the second story window to dogs below.

This product has changed our lives!!!!
When he gives ONE bark, he is sprayed, and immediately stops. Not only does this stop his barking, but by the immediate stop of barking it has also stopped all his other aggression problems. I can now have my dog walk off-leash beside me in my neighbourhood, at the beach, in a park with children…. basically anywhere!

There are very very few cons…
1) It's kind of big, but he doesn't seem to mind too much.
2) When there was construction outside, they were drilling into the brick walls of our apartment building. It was loud, and this seemed to set the collar off. (The solution was to let him have a bark day.)

Thank you Pet Safe for this AMAZING product!!!

> PetSafe Response: Hi Vivian, thanks for sharing your amazing story with us! Your miniature dachshund is a great example of how our Anti-Bark Spray Collar can change your dog's behaviour and improve his relationship with the world around him. Your feedback is very inspiring. Thanks again!

Immediate results! 30/07/2015
by Malcolm

I was sceptical of this product at first, but the first time I saw my dogs reaction to being sprayed I was extremely impressed. It has been fantastic as a tool to use while still working on our dog's separation anxiety issues.
One problem, though, is finding a replacement battery. Our local Safeway has batteries the same size, but they are only 3V not 6V.
Searching online for model L1325F as shown on the battery that came with it produces no results either.
Can you help with locations where we can find replacements?
Thank you!

> PetSafe Response: Hi Malcolm, thanks for sharing our comments with us, it's great to hear when our products can help make a difference for your pet's lives. Please contact our Customer Care team who will be able to advise where you can purchase your battery from :)

Fab 17/02/2015
by Carol

Wow, my dog is the most loveable wonderful natured dog but the standard joke is he is real thick. If you give him a dog biscuit he will carry it around for an hour whist he works out what to do with it. This anti bark collar stopped him barking within an hour. He use to start barking in the garden and forget to stop! It is brilliant he can spend as much time in the garden as he wants without me having to go out every 5 minutes to stop him barking. If it works on him any dog can work it out,

> PetSafe Response: Hi Carol, your dog sounds like he has a great personality! We're so pleased to hear that within such a short space of time the Anti-Bark Spray Collar made a positive change to his behaviour. Thanks again for your feedback.

Miracle product 11/02/2015
by victoria

Miracle product... it stopped my rescue dog border collie x german shepherd from barking at anything. Try it, the dog does not associate its owner with the spray (ie.being given something bad) so the collar is a perfect tool to help everyone calm down.

> PetSafe Response: We get lots of feedback how great this product is, thank you Victoria for taking the time to tell us about your Rescue Dog and how well it works for you both.

Amazing, immediate results! 11/12/2014
by Zivi Richard

I have a miniature Pinscher. She is a rescue, has lots of anxiety and is aggressive. We tried to positive reinforcement train her, keep her quiet with the gentle lead, remove her from distractions, lots of exercise and training - still relentless barking.
It got so bad that I got a warning from my landlord to solve the problem or legal action would be taken. As we're flying out for the holidays, I was exceptionally nervous at having her in the cabin with the other passengers.
After looking online I decided to get this collar. I had to pull on the spring for it to reach the battery and get the light to turn on, got it to connect. We saw immediate results!
She has not barked in a few days and all her old triggers don't elicit the slightest bark. I am soooooo relieved and way less stressed out. Totally worth every last penny!!!

> PetSafe Response: Zivi thank you for sharing your experience with your miniature Pinscher. You both sound so much happier and relieved now she's able to learn to curve her barking. Thanks again for your story :-)