SPT-85, 85m Basic Remote Spray Commander™

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The PetSafe® Spray Commander™ Basic Remote Spray Trainer uses a remote transmitter and a spray receiver collar to redirect the attention of the distracted or misbehaving dog or one who has learned that obedience is optional. The remote sends a signal activating your dog’s receiver collar up to 85 metres away. With 2 levels of spray stimulation and a tone only feature, your dog will quickly learn the association between his behaviour and your training. In no time, you’ll have a better behaved pet.


  • For dogs 3.6 kg and up
  • Fits neck sizes up to 56 cm
  • Tone-only button
  • Up to 85 metres
  • 2 adjustable levels of spray stimulation: short and long spray
  • 1 pet only
  • Waterproof Receiver Collar
  • Uses 2 x 6 Volt batteries (included)
  • Battery usually lasts 1-2 months
  • Related Part Numbers: KIT16022

System Includes

  • Receiver with adjustable Nylon Collar
  • Remote Transmitter
  • 1 Stain-Free Citronella Spray Can
  • 2 6-Volt Batteries
  • Wrist Strap
  • Operating Guide


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The 3 year warranty and excellent customer service make this a good value produc 05/01/2017
by Sue

My one stopped working and it has been replaced. No quibble within the 3 year warranty period. I thought I was going to have to buy a new one.

> PetSafe Response: Hello Sue, I'm so pleased you are happy with your replacement, we love that you had excellent customer experience and have taken time to leave your review. Our warranty is means a lot to us and our customers as it's important that we have happy customers just like you :)

Life Changing 01/12/2016
by Saskia

This is actually the best £140 I have ever spent (have bought 2)

I have a very lovely but nightmare rescue dog who does everything naughty possible - to the extent we got a dog psychiatrist, nothing was working at changing her behaviour. She chased people, cars, would attack other dogs, at the end of her walk would run away and could take upto 2 hours to catch her...

I got this and she literally changed overnight. Walking her is now completely stress free, I just let her get on with it, call her at the end, she comes, I put her lead on and thats it. Never any trouble.

The best bit is that I only have to use it for about a week, and then dont have to use the collar anymore, she stays as well behaved for maybe 4 months after, then sometimes her behaviour will start slipping, and we put her in the collar for another few days and then dont have to use it again.

Only thing is, I have now broken 2 of them, one the refill bit leaks, so the spray won't fill and the second one i've mislaid so haven't had a chance to check out why it wasn't working. Saying I love them so much I still rate them 5 stars and will buy another one.

> PetSafe Response: Hi Saskia, thank you for taking the time to share your feedback with us! Your rescue dog is quite the character and it sounds as though there's never a dull moment with her around. It's great to hear that our Spray trainer works for you, but I'm sorry that you've had troubles. Our Customer Care team may be able to help, please give them a call on our freephone number. If there's anything we can do, please let us know. Thanks again!

Excellent customer service. 17/11/2016
by Patsy Glazier

I had a problem with loosing the cartridge out of the collar. I am being sent a new cartridge plus two batteries. I am very impressed with the customer service of pet safe. Thank you Ashley.

> PetSafe Response: Hi Patsy, thank you for sharing your experience. Our Customer Care team are there to help and I'll make sure to pass your comments to Ashley - she's a real superstar. Thanks again!! ***

Excellent Product, Fantastic Backup and Support 29/04/2016
by Nicholas Evans

This is an EXCEPTIONAL product and the fact that I am on my 3rd unit tells you something!

1. Don't let your dog swim with the collar on, it's not IP rated, does not profess to be and I forgot to remove the unit. My fault, but - one very wet but happy dog, one wet but very unhappy unit.
2. My second loss was when the children failed to put the collar on properly and it fell off in some woods, never to be seen again.

The units itself is well built and works reliably and does not harm the dog in any way. We have found that just putting the collar on does the trick (my Labrador loves stones, very large stones) so we don't actually "use" it that much, this can only be a good thing and proves it works.

Finally, the back up and support from the manufacturer is second to none and really does allow you to buy with great confidence.

> PetSafe Response: Hi Nick, thanks for sharing your feedback with us. It's fantastic that you and your dog are fans of this product and the improved behaviour it can bring. We often hear from our customers that their dog has learned to associate walkies/playtime etc with their collar and will often wait for it to be fitted before leaving the house. As you say, just wearing the collar is enough for your Labrador now without actually switching it on. Thanks again :)

It worked initially really well and then my dog stopped responding. 20/04/2016
by Gill

It may just be my dog as I am trying to stop a disgusting habit of eating other dogs poo. It worked for the first couple of week and I was really pleased. Then the spray ran out, even though I refilled it every time I used it, so he was then able to eat poo, as there was no spray. It was only when he eat the poo did I realise it had ran out. So he now doesn't associate the spray as a deterrent anymore.
I know this is a review site but I really am at the end of my tether.
Any advise.

> PetSafe Response: Hi Gill, oh my, we have a dog in the office that had the same lovely habit as your dog, and thankfully she is now cured using the same trainer as yours. We have a few questions so that we can get your unit back up and running again. We'll be in touch over email today, it could just be the temperament of your dog as some dogs work through the spray and don't mind it so much. We'll help you to figure it out as quickly as we can!

Why didn't I get this before?! 05/03/2016
by Alison Bettles

I like the other reviewer was at the end of my tether. I have a rescue cross breed (pointer collie spaniel cross) and he persistently chased bikes, joggers and people walking on their own without a dog. I only had to use this once on the 2 setting and I have a different dog! Will keep on using it until I am 100% sure I can trust him. I can finally enjoy my dog walking again and have a happier dog. Must agree that the buttons are super sensitive.
Great buy wish I'd done sooner.

> PetSafe Response: Hi Alison, what a transformation! We appreciate your feedback and as you say, this is another part of your tool kit to help improve your dog's behaviour. Thanks again for sharing!

You HAVE to buy this! 11/09/2015
by Caroline

Well, it's a lot of money but I was at the end of my tether with my 1 year old Labrador retriever.... The collar was the BEST thing I have ever purchased, my dog is behaving nicely (he's a jumper and a licker and a crazy mad boy normally!) The only time it didn't work was when I let it run out of spray (which is included). Buy this and don't look back .

> PetSafe Response: Hi Caroline, thanks for your feedback and inspiring story! We're pleased to hear your Labrador has responded well and how it's improved his behaviour. Thanks again! :)

Fine product but remote easy to lose 09/07/2015
by sandra kinley

I found this very useful for stopping my 2 year old labradoodle from chasing bikes in the park when off lead! But I have lost the remote twice. First time I was lucky and found it but second time no luck so it is very light and slipped off my wrist without noticing.

> PetSafe Response: Thank you for the feedback Sandra. We may be able to help you replace your remote, please contact our Customer Care team.

Really good but...... 27/02/2015
by Graeme

This product has been brilliant at helping me train my new lab pup, especially at night time howling and jumping up. The one criticism I do have, and it is a very annoying flaw, is that the buttons on the remote are very sensitive.
If you are not very careful it's far too easy to press a button unwantedly. A remote with either guarded buttons, or one which has buttons that needed a more positive press would be a big improvement.

> PetSafe Response: Hi Graeme, we're always working to improve our products and we value your feedback. Thank you for taking the time to tell us about your experience!