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ENGLISH > Cats break out 12/07/2017
by J Robinson

When the flap is on 'in only' one of our cats simply pushes hard on it and the flap bends and pops open over the top of the red lock. Then the cats can't get back in because the flap is on the outside of the lock, making it 'out only' - they haven't discovered how to push it hard to get in. One of our previous cats simply pushed hard on the flap and broke it to get out.

> PetSafe Response: Hello, thank you for your comments and feedback. I'm sorry to hear that your cat pushes so hard on the door that the flap opens and then your cat is locked out. We've contacted you directly and advised you further to see if we can help the situation so that you will soon have a functioning flap again, and we have also passed your concerns on to our engineers and product designers to make improvements. Thanks again.

ENGLISH > Functional but not strong enough 30/05/2017
by K Leese

Easy to fit and mechanism works well. The flap itself is difficult to keep clean and should be made out of stronger material, and it needs to have at least locks rather than just one, as my cat was easily able to push it open and crack the door when in the locked position, so it is now unusable and I am in the position of having to buy a new catflap and pay to have it fitted, as I need a stronger option. Bought from Pets at Home at Stafford, who said "yeah that can happen" when I brought it to their attention. Have had it less than a year so not particularly impressed.

> PetSafe Response: Hi Katie, thanks for your review. We're sorry to hear that the door has cracked and that you're considering buying a new cat flap. We do have a selection of spare parts available for this cat flap, such as the see-through flap and the U-shape frame in our 'Accessories > Pet Door' section of the website. We'll pass your concerns about the locks on to our product engineers and contact you directly to see how we can help. Thanks again for your review.

ENGLISH > Generally a very good product 12/01/2017
by Tracy Prince

We have also had a diagonal crack appear, which I now know to be caused by our cat trying to get out when it is locked. I think she pushes it to get out and because one side isn't secured, it moves and she keeps pushing and pulling on that side, causing stress diagonally across the flap. She finally managed to break the whole thing last night and escaped! I think if the red locking mechanism was centrally placed, rather than to the side, it might put less stress on the flap. What do you think Petsafe? It does seem to be a design flaw.

> PetSafe Response: Hiya Tracy, we're happy to hear you like the product and it's unfortunately your cat has broken the flap and escaped. We hope your cat is okay! I believe my colleague has already reached out to you and offered you a solution. We will also pass your ideas regarding the location of the red lock on to our engineers as we are always happy to hear from customers directly and make improvements to our products. Thank you for your review and we hope your cat will soon be able to use the flap again.

ENGLISH > Good product but have a query! 07/03/2016
by Rachel

This cat flap has lasted my 6.3kg cat a good 2 years which is great and it has done a fantastic job for me so i definitely recommend it. It's easy to clean with warm soapy water and I've never had a problem with it until now. However I, like a previous reviewer, have found a large crack in the door of the cat flap, from bottom left to top right, and it is so bad it must be replaced now. Please can someone get back to me to explain how I can order a replacement part, namely the door itself, so I don't have to purchase the entire product again? I look forward to a speedy response!

> PetSafe Response: Hi Rachel, thank you for taking the time to leave us your feedback on this product. We have a range of replacement parts on our website under Accessories > Pet Doors that should help you find what you need. If these aren't what you're looking for, please feel free to contact our Customer Care team who can help you further. Thanks again.

ENGLISH > Good product 17/07/2015
by K Mandix

Things I LOVE:
1. The closing system with the little magnet at the bottom. It keeps the flaps secure even when it's blowing a gale outside
2. Locking system works really well
3. It's easy to buy a replacement flap and just slot it in.

Things I'm less happy about:
With our collection of active and quite powerful cats we've now had our second flap crack. The lock is secure, but since it locks in the bottom right corner only, the flap can crack diagonally bottom left to top right. A flap lasts about 2 years in our house, apparently. And the material does not respond well to superglue.

Plus a tip: Don't try to be clever and stick the flap in the dishwasher for cleaning. It comes out a cloudy yellow colour.

It's still the best cat flap we have ever had.

> PetSafe Response: Thanks K for giving us your feedback. We love this product too and it certainly sounds as though it works in your household!

ENGLISH > Good product with one annoying fault.... 14/11/2014
by Will Walker

A good solid catflap that works exactly as you'd expect. However, after I'd installed it I decided to remove an installation sticker on the inside of the catflap. It was stuck on wonky and I knew it'd attract dirt/cat hair etc.. This has left a horrendous mess on the top edge of the catflap and I can't even blame the cats for it! I find it somewhat baffling that an installation sticker would be stuck down with what appears to be a tamper-evident adhesive.

> PetSafe Response: Hi Will, thanks for your feedback on the Deluxe Cat Flap. I'll share it with the product team and they can review the issue you've had with the sticker. If there's anything we can do to help please contact our Customer Service team.