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FRANÇAIS > Bon systeme mais perfectible 08/05/2017
by françois

Cette clôture anti-fugue sans fils était très efficace jusqu'au jour où mon chien a compris qu'en passant la limite de la zone à toute vitesse ça ne lui faisait rien, maintenant il s’échappe tout le temps.

> PetSafe Reponse: Bonjour Monsieur, nous vous remercions pour votre email de suivi. Dans le cas mentionne, probablement le signal n`ets pas assez fort ce qui permet au chien de s`échapper. Afin de régler le problème, il nous fera plaisir d`entrer en contact avec vous pour tester plus amplement le système et trouver une solution. Cordialement, L`Equipe PetSafe.

ENGLISH > Great! Love it! 09/03/2017
by Vicki Reid

Bought this 6 years ago for our husky/lab who loves to travel from neighbor to neighbor. Didn't like to chain her up, we got her a large kennel for outside but that didn't stop her either somehow she got out. She is a husky after all. We got this and its been a godsend! She knows her boundaries, she does try her luck every so often (again the husky in her) but she knows to stay. She is 6 years now and she stays in our yard, we don't need the collar for her only sometimes. We got a new puppy Husky/Shepard and again she loves to travel. Put this on her and showed her boundaries and its great. I feel great leaving her outside now and knowing she is safe. She does not leave the area. We need to get another collar for our older dog for the summer just as a reminder every so often. But i recommend this product to all our friends so that they can have a peace of mind also when letting their dogs out. Thank you so much. Kinda expensive but worth it for our dogs to enjoy the outdoors with chains and a kennel. Thank you.

> PetSafe Response: Dear Vicki, it's always heart warming to hear genuine stories from our customers on how our products have helped to improve and transform their relationships with their pets. The peace of mind you have now, knowing that your husky/lab is safe, must be a breath of fresh air. Thanks for sharing your feedback with us and we hope you continue to enjoy our Wireless Pet Containment System for years to come! :)

ENGLISH > WPCS 15/10/2015
by Andy

We purchased from Costco 3 years ago and I am happy to say this was a great purchase! We have a big playful Labrador that wanted to run out and see any dogs that were being walked on our country roadway. He learned very quickly (10 days) the boundaries he could travel around our large yard. Follow the training instructions! We feel so trusting of this system that we have left Buster out all day while away from the house and he is always asleep on the porch on our return.

> PetSafe Response: Hi Andy, great story and thanks for sharing this with us. When you can trust our systems this much it really can change yours and your dog's lives for the better. Thanks again! :)

ENGLISH > So worth the money. 13/08/2015
by Kathleen

I got the wireless containment system because my dogs kept running off. I had tried ropes and they would pull the stakes up or get all tangled. We have a big yard near a busy road and I was worried. So I tried this system and it is amazing. I even brought it camping so the dogs could wander around the campsite safely. The dogs learned within a week not to wander. Took a bit for them not to be scared of going on the grass at all...but they figured it out and now i can let them out worry free.

> PetSafe Response: Great to hear from you Kathleen, thank you for reviewing our Wireless System. We're pleased to hear that this is working well for you and keeping your dogs safe. We hope you continue to enjoy it!

ENGLISH > Purchased May 2015... Absolutely Love it!!! 06/08/2015
by Jolean Dagenais

I Purchased May 2015. Absolutely love it. I have 2 dogs and enjoy them being able to play freely together... I have a very large lot and enjoy the openness of no fences. The one battery is dying now...but ssshhh she doesn't know or care even if she has it on any more. Only wish I can get a collar for my cat then I would be really happy and not have to worry any more.
It is well worth the money.

> PetSafe Response: Jolean thanks for sharing your feedback with us! Although we don't have a Wireless Receiver Collar that's specifically designed for cats, you may want to consider our Stay + Play Wireless Receiver Collar (PIF19-14011). It's suitable for most pets weighing five pounds or more and with a neck size greater than six inches. It would be fully compatible with your current system and is also rechargeable rather than taking batteries!

The Stay + Play Receiver Collar is much more suitable for a cat than the standard Wireless Receiver Collar due to its ergonomic design. However, this unit does not have a stretch portion to the strap and there is a risk your pet could become trapped if the strap is snagged upon something. Please take this into consideration when making your decision.

If you would like to discuss the receiver collar further, please contact our Customer Care team who are more than happy to assist you.

Thanks again!

ENGLISH > Keeps my dog safe 29/03/2015
by Sue

I bought this for our beagle 5 years ago. I took no time at all to train her. She is a very smart house pet not trained for hunting. Her nose takes her in directions that her eyes don't see and she loves people so can't contain herself. The batteries are a bit high priced and last about 2 months. I have to say that my dog's life is worth it.

> PetSafe Response: Such a great example of how the system can help to keep your dog safe from his own intrigue. Thanks for your feedback Sue!

ENGLISH > Fabulous system and our golden is no more lost in the neighbourhood 22/12/2014
by Steve Clark

We had difficulties containing our golden to our property. We tried tethering with various sized cables ropes and even chains. Nothing was satisfactory at all. We purchased the wireless system with the collar and transmitter allowing him enough space to exercise and enjoy the grandchildren. This was the end of him ending swimming in the neighbours duck pond or chasing their goats or hens. I am sure he had loads of fun but a torture for his owners every time he went out the door.
He now looks for his collar before he exits to the outside and gets excited when he sees it. A tremendous investment for our peace of mind and family harmony.

> PetSafe Response: Hey Steve, thank you for sharing your experience with us. Your golden really does understand that with the system he can enjoy his freedom much more safely (and without inconveniencing your neighbours!). Thanks again :)