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Technologically advanced yet simple to operate, the microchip Petporte smart flap® Cat Flap reads your cat’s microchip to allow entry to your home, without the need for a collar. Extensive testing and development, in conjunction with veterinary healthcare professionals, has helped revolutionise the lives of thousands of pet owners and their pets. This unit is Wall-Mount and Door-Mount compatible.


Small children can pass through the door.
Read entire statement.

Microchip Compatibility Checker

Your Microchip Petporte smart flap® and Passport™ Intelligent Cat Flap will only work if your cat has been fitted with a microchip.

At present, some older and non-standard microchips may not work with this cat flap. You can check to see if your cat’s embedded microchip will work by entering the number in the box below and clicking the "check" button.

You will find your cat’s microchip number on your microchip registration form which will have been issued to you by your vet.

Please note that chips with 10 digits, lettered characters, and those starting with 977xxxxxxxxxxxx and 98514xxxxxxxxxx are not currently compatible with the cat flap.

Key Features

  • Helps keep out unwanted cats
  • Works with UK and EU standard 15-digit microchips
  • Includes UK power supply
  • Can be programmed for up to 25 cats
  • Beep alert when your cat comes inside
  • Optional night mode to keep your cat in at night


  • For cats up to 7 kg
  • Transparent flap
  • Durable plastic frame
  • Fits standard wooden, PVC, metal, glass and brick walls and doors
  • Microchip lock
  • Related Part Numbers: PPA20-12825

More Information

Test the Petporte smart flap® Cat Flap before installing into any material. While the Petporte smart flap® Cat Flap can be installed into a metal door, it is highly recommended to test the cat flap functionality prior to installation. The cat flap will not function properly when installed in some metal doors due to potential interference with the cat flap’s R.F.I.D. microchip reader. To test functionality, hold the assembled and programmed Petporte smart flap® Cat Flap up to the metal door and bring your cat up to porch. If the lock releases, the door will function properly when installed.

System Includes

  • Includes UK power supply
  • Door Sizing Chart

    Overall Size Cut Out Size Glass Cut Out Size
    232mm x 232mm 171mm x 180mm 212mm diameter


    88% 100% 45
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    Excellent! 23/01/2017
    by Douglas Stewart

    We have been using this for two years and have never had any problems. We absolutely cannot fault it until now. It stopped working, we phoned Customer Service and they immediately talked us through re-setting it. Problem solved! Excellent product, excellent service!!

    > PetSafe Response: Hi Douglas, wow! What a review for both the Petporte (which is brilliant if I may say so) and for our Customer Care team. Thank you, we really appreciate you taking the time to write and say we are excellent, you made our day :)

    Great product but cat has died... 18/01/2017
    by Anna

    Hi after years of problems with other cats coming in, eating my cats food, tom's spraying etc I invested in a Pet Port and microchip for my cat. Well worth it, all above problems ceased. Then my cat finally died at Grand old age of 23.

    > PetSafe Response: Oh Anna, I am so very, very sorry for your loss, that must be heartbreaking for you. At the age of 23 I firmly believe your cat loved you so, so much to have lived that long and allowed you all that time with him. I am so pleased the Petporte helped make his life and yours a little easier and also that it solved the problems you encountered with marauding toms. The Petporte is especially brilliant for aiding cats later life when they really don't need to be stressed. Thank you so much for thinking of us and writing this wonderful review even though you lost your best-est fur friend, you are very kind to do so.

    Excellent cat flap 25/11/2016
    by Alison Deakin

    We've had this cat flap for just over three years now and cannot recommend it highly enough.
    Easy to install, register the cats and have had no issues with it so far.

    We do have one question - we are getting an extension done and the cat flap will then sit in a wall which will be circa 32cm in depth. Would we need to purchase a number of the extension tunnels (as they are only 4cm in depth) and attach together in order for the cats to continue to use the flap?


    > PetSafe Response: Hi Alison, thank you so much for your high praise of our Petporte smart flap, it is a fantastic product even if I do say so myself (my fur kids would be lost without it!) Yes, you can purchase extension tunnels (110WHITE) from our Parts & Accessories section. They simply slot together to make up the 32cm tunnel length. Good luck with your extension, I am sure it will be amazing when it's finished :)

    Good while it worked 22/11/2016
    by Jayne Brotherton

    I installed this catflap about 18 months ago and it's been great, however it has now stopped working. It doesn't unlock, it doesn't beep, it won't scan my cats. I've powered it off and on again, reset it, reprogrammed my cats. Nothing!!! Any ideas or was this a very expensive purchase with a very short life span?!

    > PetSafe Response: Hi Jayne, don't panic we can help! Thanks for letting us know, we'll be in touch on the email address you provided to help guide you through. Thanks for the feedback and your Petporte will be back up and running in no time :)

    Broken parts 21/11/2016
    by Deb

    Generally have been very happy with this product, but have a very aggressive cat in our vicinity that regularly chases my cats (3). The result is that now the green lock bit has broken. Can I replace this, or do I need to buy a whole new unit? Urgent, as until fixed or replaced will need to tape up cat flap completely, else aggressive cat will come in the house and spray, and terrorise my cats.

    > PetSafe Response: Hi Deb, really sorry to hear that an aggressive cat has broken your Petporte lock! We've contacted you directly on the email address you provided and will help you to get your Petporte fixed in no time. Thanks for getting in touch.

    Fantastic service 17/11/2016
    by Sue Paige

    I contacted PeTSafe after I had a problem with the Petporte cat flap I have had for almost 2 years. Barbara asked me to check a couple of things to establish if the problem was with the adaptor or the cat flap itself. When I told her the answers she immediately said she would send out a new cat flap which I received a few days later. The service I received was brilliant & I would recommend their products without hesitation.

    Thank you Barbara from Sue & Lola.

    > PetSafe Response: Hi Sue & Lola, it's fantastic to hear we've solved your problem and that Barbara was able to help. I'll make sure to pass your comments to her! Thanks for sharing your feedback with us :)

    Excellent product 19/08/2016
    by Steve

    Love the cat flap. It works flawlessly. With winter approaching I would like some tips on draught exclusion though. Perhaps I just need to replace the fitted draught excluder?


    > PetSafe Response: Hello Steve, we're so pleased to hear our Petporte Cat Flap is working well for you. Thank you for letting us know you love it - it is a fantastic door if we may say so ourselves! We have sent you an email directly regarding the fitted draught excluder. We can't have draught because as you say 'winter is coming'... and no white-walker cats are allowed :)

    Scanner works well, but night mode is a pain 14/08/2016
    by Andrew S

    It does what it is supposed to, in that it detects my cat, and lets her in, and then locks, to keep out her pursuers. I cannot get the night moe to work though.

    First time I tried to set it (in the evening) the door repeatedly clicked locked, unlocked, locked, unlocked... every second or so. I reset it using 'default mode' and then tried setting the light level again. Same happened. I turned off the mains power, and it then stayed locked, with both lights on - but I thought night mode wasn't supposed to work on battery power! When I turned the mains back on, it started its cycle of locking and unlocking again.

    I reset it again, set the light level - by this time the light level was very low - and it locked okay, with both lights on. Trouble is, when I checked it the next day - when it was very light outside - it was still locked, with both lights on. I really want to use the night mode, but it just doesn't work.

    > PetSafe Response: Hi Andrew S, we're sorry to hear you've had trouble setting the night-mode on your Petporte. We'll contact you by email and guide you through the steps to get this working for you again in no time at all. Thanks for sharing your feedback.

    Best cat flap on the market but having issues with light sensor 14/06/2016
    by Claire W

    I've owned the Pet Porte Smart Flap for several years and have found it to be excellent however I've always found setting the light level for the Night Mode a little tricky.
    This option seems to be getting more temperamental and unfortunately a friend visited with a toddler a few days ago who started messing with the flap (I hadn't child locked it) and now I cannot get the night sensor to work properly.
    I've reset it to default mode and then pressed the red button to activate night mode but when it gets dark it doesn't lock.
    If I try setting the light level through the extended modes (not easy at this time of year!) it just keeps locking and unlocking. My instructions don't refer to a timer setting option which I believe is available on later models but I note from another review in here you were able to help another customer who had issues with the light sensor/Night Mode on an older version of the flap. Is there any help or advice you can offer as, other than this, my Smart Flap is still functioning very well and I still feel it to be the best cat flap on the market.

    > PetSafe Response: Hi Claire, thanks for your feedback on our Petporte. I've spoken with our Customer Care team and they advised that they have since spoken to you and fixed the light sensor/night mode issue you were having. We're always happy to help and if you need anything else, feel free to get back in touch! :)

    A couple of irks but great product overall 04/06/2016
    by Rachel

    Had this flap for 10 months now, my cat loves being able to come and go as she pleases.
    We initially used the timer mode as our cat was only young when we first let her out, this worked really well. We now let her come and go as she pleases.
    A couple of irritations:
    - The interface is NOT user friendly for humans! Cycling through the modes and pressing the same button eleven or twelve times is extremely inefficient. Not to mention there being no clock to adjust, so when I set the unit so my cat could go out at 6am I had to physically be by the door at 6am to set it.
    - We had a power outage for over 24hrs a few months ago, in baterry mode the unit beeped every 5 seconds or so. This drove us completely demented so we had to remove the battery. No internal memory either so I had to do the timer setting ritual again.
    - No internal chip reader to allow only specific cats out (new kittens or non-neutered cats) in a multi-cat household.

    > PetSafe Response: Hi Rachel, we value your feedback and appreciate the time you've taken to share your experience. I'm pleased that you like the product overall, and have shared your comments with the design team to review. Thanks again!

    Excellent well-made product. 17/04/2016
    by Fern Ogilvie

    All this product offers is just what we're looking for. We are having some teething problems though. First, our female cat doesn't seem to be able to push the flap open to leave - can we remove the magnet or build up her muscles?! I have pushed it at the base myself using two fingers and feel that it needs a little more force than I'd expect.
    Secondly, we've found her outside twice, unit clicking, her face at the window, but no entrance. We've re-set but no improvement. Don't know if she's tried pushing it and cannot open due to strong magnet or if it didn't unlock.
    We've bought the unit because our cat (Gu) has been over-grooming and lost a lot of fur, probably due to stress caused by a big un-neutered male coming in regularly. So would like to resolve problem a.s.a.p. Please can someone advise us?

    > PetSafe Response: Hi Fern, thank you for sharing your feedback with us and we're sorry to hear you're having trouble. We have a few tweaks that you can try on your PetPorte to get it working for you again. Our Customer Care team will be in touch with you today on the email address you provided. We'll try our best to get this back up and running for you again in no time :)

    Pet Porte smart flap for cats 17/04/2016
    by Don Jones

    I looked for a door like this around four years ago, could not find one in any pet shop around Australia. Happened to look on ebay and found one for sale so purchased it and could not be happier with it, cafes are very happy with it as it seems to give them confidence to know no unwanted visitors cannot come in.
    We have had a problem of the green lock not opening, but reading through the reviews found one with the same problem and follower end your advice about turning the power off and problem solved.
    Keep up the good products.
    cheers Don

    > PetSafe Response: Hi Don, thanks for letting us know that you're a fan of our products! We certainly do try hard to find solutions to every day challenges with our beloved cats and dogs. Great to hear the previous review was helpful to you also! Anything else you need, just let us know :)

    Great door, getting tired after all these years 07/04/2016
    by Andrew Gilbert

    I've just refitted this flap after several years without cats and had several issues:
    - the red and green buttons weren't working due to the tape being broken, so I replaced with strong sticky tape, now working perfectly
    - the light sensor doesn't seem to be working (extended mode 4): can it be cleaned or replaced and if so, where is it?
    - on your website, you mention that extended mode 7 is for setting the time, yet our instruction booklet mentions modes 7-9 as "reserved". Is our catflap too old for this option, as an alternative to the above?
    Otherwise, our two cats leaned how to operate the flap really easily, and it's really helped us. Now we just have to figure a way of locking it automatically at night and we're sorted.
    The flap worked wonderfully for our original cat.

    > PetSafe Response: Hey Andrew, thanks for getting in touch. It's great to hear that your cars have taken to using the PetPorte. The light sensor is very sensitive to ambient light and this can sometimes be the issue if the light level is not functioning as it should. I'm afraid we don't have a light-level indicator available as a spare part, however the timer mode will override the light-level mode for you. We've contacted you by email and sent the instructions through to you today. Anything else you need, just let us know.

    Years of no problems, now a fault. 01/04/2016
    by Keith


    Great little unit has worked flawlessly for about 6 years.
    Came home from work today, 4 pm broad daylight, red nighttime light was on (not flashing) and unit was beeping continuously.

    Checked power OK at 11.5 volts (approx).
    Replaced battery which was down to 8 volts.

    Tried your earlier reset suggestions as found on this site, but to no avail.

    Disconnect the power and remove the battery
    - Hold down the Red button for 10-15 seconds
    - Reconnect the power
    - Hold down the Green button for 30 seconds
    - Replace the battery

    Here is what happens to my unit.
    Power off, battery out and leave out.
    Hold red button down 10-15 seconds as above.

    Reconnected power and the following happens:

    Immediately both red and green lights come on (not flashing)
    1 second later 2 short beeps, green stays on, red goes off.
    Half a second later red starts flashing.
    After 9 red flashes red stays on (steady), green remains on.
    After about 15 seconds beeping starts and continues.
    Press green button, green light goes off, red stays on and beeping continues.

    Disconnect power to stop the irritating continual beeping.
    So, it seems the unit is out of action until we correct what ever is wrong.

    Sure hope we can get this unit back into operation it is a brilliant door!

    Any suggestions?

    > PetSafe Response: Hi Keith, you are great having done all this troubleshooting! I have sent you some further instructions via email that I feel might help you and your pussycats. I am so pleased your Petporte is working so well for you aside from this one issue, as you say it really is a great unit :)

    Excellent product 02/03/2016
    by Peter Kaye

    I have just purchased and installed this Cat flap, as we were having problems with a couple of unwanted visitors.
    This cat flap fitted straight into the opening we already had for our previous cat flap, just different screw holes required for fixing.
    We needed an extension tube as the cat flap is fitted into an external garage wall, and also a wire extension to reach the nearest electrical socket.
    We had no issues registering our cat with the cat flap, it just took a couple of attempts. (We did this prior to fitting as advised).
    Our cat was happy to use the flap straight away, just as he had his previous door. He can be a little nervous, but he wasn't phased at all even by the unlocking or the (very quiet) beep.
    Since fitting, he has used the door many times with no issues, and we have not had any further intrusions from the large Ginger Tom who lives opposite, or the even larger random black & white cat of no fixed abode.

    > PetSafe Response: Hi Peter, thanks for sharing your feedback with us. We're often asked if installation is easy and whether the cat flap works... and it sure does! :)

    Brilliant Product - does exactly what it says on the tin.... 11/02/2016
    by Richard H

    Had this product for about 2 - 3 years ever since a near neighbour's aggressive Maine Coon kept coming in through a normal cat flap and causing trouble with our two ginger tabbies.

    Glad to say it worked first time once imprinting it with our cats microchip details and hasn't missed a beat since. No strange cats getting in, and the only thing that has (just) happened is the plastic swing door has cracked where the aggressive cat gave it the charge. Presumably it now has a headache as it still couldn't get in ......... and even this is not a problem as I have just bought a replacement from the website and it looks a breeze to install.

    The only slight thing at the start was persuading our 2 to go through the flap - I think the click put them off for a bit - and the best way we found was the old fashioned shove on the rear end till they had to go through ! After about 5 goes at this they finally got the hang of it (helped by some treats the first few times they did it) and now there's no problems.

    > PetSafe Response: Hi Richard, thank you for sharing your feedback with us! Your two ginger tabbies are certainly making the most of the Petporte, and they're safe and sound inside your home. Great comments! Anything else we can do, just let us know.

    Great cat flap 31/01/2016
    by Susie Baldwin

    Easy to set up and worked well until last night when at midnight caller kitty managed to get in without any issue. The door was not capable of being opened from the outside as there was no registered microchip in the vicinity. Can only assume that the door hadn't closed completely and was the wrong side of the lock allowing kitty to come in. Have reset the re-lock time to standard, any suggestions on getting the door to drop back in from the lock so it can't be accessed from the outside?

    My two furbies mastered it quite quickly, just need to address the door return issue.

    > PetSafe Response: Hi Susie, I'm glad we've managed to resolve this with you through our Customer Care team! The stray cat that's ingeniously figured out how to pull open the door should now be locked out again. Let us know how you get on :)

    Can't review properly because of a bit of a problem 31/01/2016
    by Belinda

    Hi, I have recently had this cat flap installed as neighbouring cats were coming in to dine. My rescue cat Molly came and went with the old standard PetSafe cat flap with no problems but although she will use the new cat flap to exit she will not come back through it. I can only think that when she heard the beep it spooked her. Have since stopped the beeping and thought this would be the end of the problem but when she hears the click of the green lock it spooks her also!! I have tried enticing her with tasty treats etc. but to no avail. I am now going to try extending the lock return time to see if this helps but if not I am running out of suggestions. Has anyone had the same problems and overcome them with some cunning plan?? This cat flap has been installed now for about a month.

    > PetSafe Response: Hi Belinda, thanks for getting in touch and let us help you with this. Oh poor Molly, rescue cats can be a bit skittish, it's lovely to hear you rescued her. This might sound a bit strange, but if you put a little smudge of cat food on the flap and show Molly, then when she is hungry, she will usually lick it off! It'll help her to get used to the flap she'll learn the clicking will not harm her. You can then carry on training her like you have by encouraging her through with treats with the flap open, and gradually lowering it until she's comfortable and feels safe. It will take a few hours or a day or so but can really help. If you've any more questions, just let us know. Thanks :)

    Excellent customer service 30/01/2016
    by Helen Hardy

    I had a problem with my 4 month old cat flap and tried the website fix which didn't work. I phoned Customer Services who answered promptly, were helpful and polite, and whilst she wasn't able to help me to fix the flap, under my warranty she offered a replacement cat flap. It arrived just four days later! Fantastic customer service - much appreciated and thank you.

    > PetSafe Response: Hi Helen, really glad to hear we were able to help you and we hope you enjoy your replacement cat flap! Anything else you need, just let us know :)

    Brilliant! 23/01/2016
    by Louise Grant

    Best cat product I've ever bought!

    I have had this for nearly 3 years with not a single problem. My younger cat loves it & it gives him the security of knowing that his arch nemesis can't follow him into the house. The older cat doesn't go out much these days. His old bones like to stay inside where it's comfy & warm but he does occasionally venture out, albeit usually waiting for the "staff" to push the flap open for him!

    I prefer to keep them both in at night so the unit gets locked, however today, the youngster "escaped" when I thought the flap was locked. The red post on the outside hadn't popped up. I tried following your instructions for a reset (above) but it hasn't worked & it looks like the post is just stuck. I'm going to take another look at it in the daylight tomorrow but I wondered if you would have any advice as to how I can un-stick it?


    > PetSafe Response: Hi Louise, we're pleased to hear how well the Petporte is working for your cats! It could be that the lock spring or ball joint has come out of place and the lock cannot pop up. We have sent you the steps to test and fix the problem, please let us know how you get on. Thanks for sharing your feedback with us :)

    Great Product 19/01/2016
    by Dale

    Have had my Petporte for nearly 2 years. Great product to stop unwanted visitors, but the last few day my poor kitty has been left stranded outside. I replaced the battery in the unit, but it seems the power adapter has failed. Please where can I purchase a new AC Adapter?


    > PetSafe Response: Hey Dale! Thanks for sharing your feedback. The Petporte Adaptor is currently available through our Customer Care team only. The UK number you need is 0800 046 1414. This will also be available online soon as we're just working on getting them setup. Thanks!

    Great idea but now having problems with green latch 16/01/2016
    by Amanda Moon

    We bought this back in April 2014 as my cat Monty was getting stressed at intruder cats coming into the house. It's been a fantastic product and indeed lowered his stress levels when he realised no other cats could obtain entry but we are now having problems similar to that of Kirsty's review below. I now have two cats and both have been flawlessly operating the cat flap, up until a couple of days ago. My second cat (Rocky) ended up being stuck outside and for some reason the cat flap wasn't registering his microchip. So I re-registered him by pressing the green button and scanned him through. All was working well but today it has happened again, and in addition the green latch now won't retract when either of them go under the scanner. The product has been great up to now but I'm a bit disappointed that I haven't even got a couple of years out of it for the price paid hence only 3 stars.

    > PetSafe Response: Hi Amanda, thanks for taking the time to share your feedback. I'm sorry to hear you've just started to have an issue with the functionality of the Petporte. We have a solution that should work for the problem you're having/

    Can you please try the following:
    - Disconnect the power and remove the battery
    - Hold down the Red button for 10-15 seconds
    - Reconnect the power
    - Hold down the Green button for 30 seconds
    - Replace the battery

    The Petporte will now be reset to default and all should be working again.

    If you're still having the same issue after trying the above, please contact our Customer Care team who will be happy to help, as there's one more thing they can try for you.

    Thanks again! :)

    Problem that I never experienced before 15/01/2016
    by Jayne

    After years of worry free use of the petporte smart flap, I have come across an issue. It's stopped recognising the cats. I have tried resetting to default mode and and even erase mode to start again. However the issue I now have is it won't re-register them again. I'm dreading the next few months as it's absolutely freezing, therefore I have it in open mode as they are used to coming and going as they please. They are frustrated as they are used to hearing the beep therefore think they can't get in and fret.

    Thus all and sundry can pop in and out to spray and freely enjoy my furry babies food. As I have five I have an electronic feeder as they prefer to eat leisurely. So always plenty of nibbles.
    I hope you can help me?

    > PetSafe Response: Hi Jayne, thanks for sharing your feedback with us. I'm sorry to hear of the problems you've started to have with your Petporte. It sounds as though your Petporte just needs rebooting to solve the issue.

    Can you please try the following:
    - Disconnect the power and remove the battery
    - Hold down the Red button for 10-15 seconds
    - Reconnect the power
    - Hold down the Green button for 30 seconds
    - Replace the battery

    The Petporte will now be reset to default and all should be working again.

    I hope this helps! Anything else you need, just let us know. Thanks!

    Fantastic! 12/01/2016
    by Evie Levin

    This is a brilliant cat flap. I've had it for over 12 years and it's still going strong. Well worth every penny for the amount of use it's had. Bought originally to stop a big cat pushing through the magnetic cat flap. It solved the problem then and still works brilliantly. It's a bit draughty after all this time though is it possible to order a replacement draught excluder strip? I would recommend this product without hesitation.

    > PetSafe Response: Hi Evie, thank you for leaving your review and sharing your feedback. I'm afraid that we don't offer the draft excluder strip as a spare part. However, Ashley in our Customer Care team will be in touch with you shortly with a solution. Thanks!

    Excellent product - quick question 04/01/2016
    by Tony Wells

    Hi - we have had one of the Petportes for a good few years, I believe we have one of the original ones, unfortunately this is now now working correctly, it seems the sensor is not catching the microchip any more at least not every time, my issue is that we have this in a glass door and I would like to know if the new model will fit in the old size hole? Again the model we have is at least 5 years old.
    Many thanks

    > PetSafe Response: Hi Tony, thanks for the feedback! Our Petporte certainly is durable and long-lasting, and it's great to hear you've had success with it! To help you further, I've asked Ashley in our Customer Care team to get in touch on the email address you provided. Anything else you need, just let us know. Thanks!

    Highly recommended. 01/01/2016
    by Liz Falconer

    Love this product and to be honest, probably wouldn't have cats if this didn't exist as there are too many other cats in the neighbourhood. Both cats use it and I've found the programmes to be really simple. The product has been really easy to set up and use and I've no issues with it except the magnet on the bottom of the flap keeps falling off. The flap then doesn't close properly and essentially the product is then just like any other (much cheaper) cat flap. I've glued the magnet back on numerous times but it doesn't seem to stay on and I find it on the step outside the door.

    I assume there must be replacement parts for this product? Can I buy just the flap and how easy is it to install? I've had mine for just over four years so will I need a model number to ensure I get the right replacement part? Looking at the Petporte installed I can't even tell how to take it apart.

    Apart from this, minor irritation. It is a great product and I've recommended it many times to friends. For people who want to let cats be cats but don't want a house full of everyone else's cats and all the issues that brings, it solves all those problems. Your cats are happier in their own territory that other cats can't access.

    > PetSafe Response: Hi Liz, thanks so much for the great feedback on the Petporte! We do have some good news, you can buy a replacement flap online from our webstore! The part number is PAC19-12741. It's really easy to to remove the old one and install the new one, we'll send you those details via email. Thanks again for your comments! :)

    Great flap! 22/12/2015
    by Janet

    Been loving the Petporte - as have the cats- it has worked brilliantly for just over a year, but now the green solenoid doesn't click back up to close the flap once the cats have come in- I can reset it manually by taking the cover off, but it doesn't do it itself anymore- any suggestions? I've done the reset from the manual but to no avail. Do I need a new solenoid? I'm running it off the mains, and it has a battery back up.

    > PetSafe Response: Hi Janet, thanks for taking the time to leave your review and ask your question. It sounds as though a reboot to the unit would help to fix the issues you're having. If that doesn't work, it may be a replacement adaptor you need which you can contact our Customer Care team and they can help you. Thanks again!

    Disappointing 19/12/2015
    by Hayley Nicola

    We recently installed this flap in our back door to stop the entire neighbourhood entering and upsetting our cat.
    We've only had it installed in the door for the last month and sadly it has been a disappointment as the door opens and closes when it should but my cat will enter and the door isn't weighted enough to pass back over the green peg, meaning it won't lock shut any anyone can come in.
    Such a disappointment as it defeats the point.

    > PetSafe Response: Hi Hayley, thanks for getting in touch with us online. Thankfully we have some good news and will be able to help you overcome the issues you're having. Sometimes, the cat passes too slowly through the Petporte and not enough momentum is gathered for the flap to go over the lock.

    There are two things we can do:
    1. Extend the Lock Return delay on the Petporte
    2. Add some weight to the door

    Option 1.
    Lock Return Delay
    The default time for the Lock Return on the Petporte is set at 4 seconds, but you can shorten/extend the delay if you need to. Try the following:
    Enter the Extended Modes function by holding the Red and Green buttons together for 2 seconds until the green light goes solid, let go and you'll hear a long beep.
    Find the Lock Return mode by pressing the Red button once (two beeps), again (three beeps), again (four beeps), and once more (5 beeps).
    Enter the Lock Return mode by holding the Red and Green buttons together for 2 seconds until the green light does solid, then let go.
    The Green light will stay solid, and the Red light will flash.
    Hold the Green button for the length of your desired Lock Return time (between 1 and 25 seconds). The unit will beep for the duration, until you release the Green button.
    Once you let go, the Petporte will return to it's normal mode and can be used straight away.

    Option 2.
    Add a weight
    You could also add some weight to the door with a £1 coin. Blu-Tack it to the back of the door to help it gain momentum when closing.
    If this works, super glue the coin in place for a longer-lasting fix so the fur doesn't attach to the Blu-Tack.

    I hope this helps, let us know how you get on :)

    Great Product 28/11/2015
    by David

    We are on our second Petporte and it is a fantastic idea, it gives our cat the freedom to come and go as he wishes but stops any unwanted intruders!

    The only problem we have found is that the solenoid on the original one did not last as long as we had hoped. The whole unit worked flawlessly but did not always open fully after about 2 years of use. The green solenoid became weaker over time and did not always fully retract the latch. We tried reset and other advice but everything has a lifetime. Would it be possible to buy a replacement solenoid?

    > PetSafe Response: Hi David, thanks for taking the time to review your product and let us know you have a question regarding a replacement part. It may be that your adaptor has a fault which means it isn't running at full power to function properly. Our Customer Care team will get in touch today to talk through the options. Thanks again!

    Long lasting cat door 31/10/2015
    by Henrik

    We've had the PetPorte since 2010, and it has worked (almost) flawlessly for us since. Just a couple of comments:
    * Once in a while the green door latch just stays open. If the cat walks through the door again, the latch closes as it should. I have bought a standalone ID chip that I move through the door to close the latch again, so it's no big deal. But is there a way to avoid this?
    * The filt strip between the clear plastic door and the housing is really starting to wear down, and cold air is trickling in. Are there replacements available?
    * When I bought the door, PetPorte were planning to release a computer accessory for the Smart Flap (at least it says so on the packaging). Do you have any technical details and a release date for it?

    > PetSafe Response: Hi Henrik, thank you for getting in touch and letting us resolve your questions. After our discussions, we've sent you a replacement adapter which should solve the latch staying open and have also solved the draft issue. We continue to work on computer accessories and once available we will update the website with new details. Thanks again! :)

    Petporte smart cat flap now working perfectly again. 28/10/2015
    by Karl Mcilwaine

    Further to my earlier review, I have to say I experienced exceptional customer service from this company when my Pet Port stopped working. I received good advice and encouragement to investigate the issue and to solve the problem, all that was needed was a new power supply. It's working fine again now.
    Our cat has used the PetPorte for many years, having had it reinstalled in a double glazed window when we moved house, and she loves it. I highly recommend it .

    > PetSafe Response: Hi Karl, thank for your glowing feedback, it means a lot to the team here to get such great comments when they've been able to help a customer. I'll make sure it's passed on straight away. Thanks for following up with us :)

    Great product - need help with the green latch? 24/10/2015
    by kirsty eaglesfield

    Our cat is loving his unrestricted access to the outdoors and we are loving the lack of 'intruder' cat visits but unfortunately, like Jan all of a sudden the green latch is not releasing so he is getting stuck outside. We can hear the beep as he is scanned correctly and then just hear him hitting at the door but the green lock won't move down to let him in. We have tried the reset steps below but it has not fixed the problem...
    Any other suggestions to get it working? For now we have had to enable vet mode so he can't get out then end up stuck outside while we are in bed or out at work and the customer services phoneline isn't open till Monday morning :(

    > PetSafe Response: Hi Kirsty, thanks for getting in touch and we're sorry to hear of the problems you've had. From your description the fault may be with the power adapter. Our Customer Care team will get in touch with you shortly to resolve this for you :)

    Are these devices too clever for their own good? 19/10/2015
    by Karl McIlwaiine

    I have bought several of these over the years and they work very well but appear to be easily damaged. When the early ones failed, they were replaced by the original company (PetPorte). Now the latest one (after several years of satisfactory service) has just failed after it was switched off and on several times during a week of electrical work on my house. The power supply is working (it's warm) but there doesn't appear to be any power to the unit. No response to any of the buttons, not possible to change the mode, nor reset to normal mode. Replacing the battery doesn't help. Don't want to leave it open (by removing the green latch). Replacement is expensive as it is fixed into a double glazed unit. I may well have to dump the unit and look for a cheap (inferior) replacement.
    Any suggestions?

    > PetSafe Response: Hi Karl, thank you for getting in touch with us. We've contacted you directly via email and together we've identified that the issue is with your power adapter. Once your new one arrives, this should solve the issues you've had with your Petporte and Suki can once again have her own independence without you as her gatekeeper! Thanks again :)

    Cat can't get in 14/10/2015
    by Jan

    My young cat gas finally got to grips on how to use this and all was going well but all of a sudden the green latch is not releasing so she is stuck outside. Please explain to me how I fix this.

    > PetSafe Response: Hi Jan, I'm sorry to hear you're having trouble with your cat entering the Petporte. The issue is likely to have been caused by a power cut or power surge to the cat flap.

    We have a solution that will resolve your problem, please try the following:
    - Disconnect the power and remove the battery
    - Hold down the Red button for 10-15 seconds
    - Reconnect the power
    - Hold down the Green button for 30 seconds
    - Replace the battery

    The Petporte will now be reset to default and all should be working again.
    Any questions, just let us know.

    UPDATE: Jan completed the reset and emailed to let us know that it's now working again.

    excellent such a great product 29/09/2015
    by Su Wimpory

    I got my first petporte cat flap 7/8 years ago. It was the best cat flap I have ever used. It did stop 99% of the local cats getting in the 1% that got in either followed my cat or as I saw one of the cats used his claw to pull it open (did take him a while). When I first had it we had 4 cats using it all the time. It moved house with me just over 2 years ago and went in to my new house no problems. I have just bought a new one to replace it and this was only because while some building work was being done the old one got damaged.

    Would recommend this to any one who has a cat. Before having this flap I had tried 3/4 different ones but this one is far better than any of them and worth every penny.

    > PetSafe Response: Hiya Su, what great feedback on the Petporte, thank you for taking the time to let us know how it's worked wonders for your cats! I hope you enjoy the new one just as much. If you need any support with installation just let us know. Thanks again! :)

    Great product 21/09/2015
    by Dan Wait

    We've had ours for 4 years now, and it has just been priceless for us and our cat (who was being bullied by a neighbour's cat). One feedback/request I have - would it be possible (if it isn't already implemented, and if so, my apologies) to implement a 'Day' mode so that the cat can only go out at night (to protect fledglings in our garden)?
    Thank you.

    > PetSafe Response: Hi Dan, we're so pleased to hear how well the Petporte has worked for you and especially fending off the bullies for your cat. We will send your suggestion to our design team in Knoxville as every idea is welcome for future upgrades. Thank you for taking the time to write to us with your idea!

    Fabulous! Worth every penny! 16/08/2015
    by E M

    Keep other cats out. Keep your cat in at night. Keep him in for vet appointments. No magnets to lose. No uncomfort for your cat. Battery backup.
    The peace of mind is hard to overstate.
    This is rare thing... a brilliant invention.
    I recommend this to everyone with a cat.

    > PetSafe Response: Hi E M, we really appreciate your feedback and for sharing you story with us. Our Petporte can make a big difference to the security and peace of mind for your pet. Anything you need just let us know :)

    Excellent Cat Flap 07/08/2015
    by J Geary

    Very useful cat flap, so versatile. Ours DOES have a day-night function (see previous review) which we haven't had before, and find a great way to keep our young cat in at night.

    The only problem is, we've lost the instruction manual and sometimes have to spend a bit of time working out how to change the settings! Would it be possible to have another copy sent to us?

    Many thanks for good product.

    > PetSafe Response: Hi J, thank you for taking the time to leave a review for the Petporte Smart Flap® - it's one of our favourite products! We certainly do have the manual available for you: it's on this product page within 'Manuals & Downloads' or you can copy + paste this link:

    Anything else we can do to help just let us know.
    Thanks again!

    Suggestions for improvement 13/07/2015
    by Anna Landell

    For our cats it works perfectly. However, I have grown tired of the mice, lizards, birds and snakes carried into the house by my cat through the door at night. Would hope for a timer-feature at night.

    > PetSafe Response: Thanks for the feedback Anna. I'm sorry to hear you're also finding other creatures being brought in - your cat sounds like quite the hunter!

    Very good product 03/03/2015
    by Mark Francis

    If you need to control / stop other Cats coming into your home. This is your product.

    I tried the magnetic cat flap first. But by Cat managed to lose his collar one day and got stuck outside so I quickly upgraded to the microchip reader and never looked back (1.5 years ago)

    > PetSafe Response: We’re so happy to hear your pet is enjoying the Petporte Smart Flap product.
    We love this product too!

    Minor problem 12/01/2015
    by David Watson

    Cat flap works quite well most of the tine except when our cat enters slowly - The door closes behind him but fails to pass the green peg completely. This allows another cat entry behind. Annoying & making the device a waste of money.

    > PetSafe Response: We are sorry to hear you're having a problem with your Petporte. To solve this problem you can extend the lock out time on the door, which allows the door a longer time to close over the lock.
    We'll have Customer Care associate email you to resolve your problem.

    Great access 06/12/2014
    by Philippa archer

    Cats use this with ease compared to my petmate, but I found to that to use the timer mode I have to stand in front of the flap at the time of day I want to set it to.

    > PetSafe Response: Great feedback Philippa and thanks for your comments. We hope you enjoy your Petporte Cat Flap!

    smart pet porte 20/11/2014
    by Lee

    Fantastic never a problem in about three years of ownership. Cats love it we love it. I'm checking the site out right now for a newer version just to see if they have improved it somehow. Worth every penny, its still going strong.
    No other unwanted animal can gain entry. You will kick yourself if you have been using the old fashioned version and they swap to this.

    > PetSafe Response: We're so happy to hear you cat is enjoying the Petporte, we love this product too!
    Thank you for taking the time to tell us about your experience.