Petporte smart flap® Microchip Cat Flap

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Technologically advanced yet simple to operate, the Petporte smart flap® Cat Flap reads your cat’s microchip to allow entry to your home, without the need for a collar. Extensive testing and development, in conjunction with veterinary healthcare professionals, has helped revolutionise the lives of thousands of pet owners and their pets. This unit is Wall-Mount and Door-Mount compatible.


Small children can pass through door. Read entire statement.

Microchip Compatibility Checker

Your Microchip Petporte smart flap® and Passport™ Intelligent Cat Flap will only work if your cat has been fitted with a microchip.

At present, some older and non-standard microchips may not work with this cat flap. You can check to see if your cat’s embedded microchip will work by entering the number in the box below and clicking the "check" button.

You will find your cat’s microchip number on your microchip registration form which will have been issued to you by your vet.

Please note that chips with 10 digits, lettered characters, and those starting with 977xxxxxxxxxxxx and 98514xxxxxxxxxx are not currently compatible with the cat flap.

Key Features

  • Helps keep out unwanted cats
  • Works with EU and UK standard 15-digit microchips
  • Includes EU power supply
  • Can be programmed for up to 25 cats
  • Beep alert when your cat comes inside
  • Optional night mode to keep your cat in at night


  • For cats up to 7 kg
  • Transparent flap
  • Durable plastic frame
  • Fits standard wooden, PVC, metal, glass and brick walls and doors
  • Microchip lock
  • Related Part Numbers: PPA20-12863

More Information

Test the Petporte smart flap® Cat Flap before installing into any material. While the Petporte smart flap® Cat Flap can be installed into a metal door, it is highly recommended to test the cat flap functionality prior to installation. The cat flap will not function properly when installed in some metal doors due to potential interference with the cat flap’s R.F.I.D. microchip reader. To test functionality, hold the assembled and programmed Petporte smart flap® Cat Flap up to the metal door and bring your cat up to porch. If the lock releases, the door will function properly when installed.

System Includes

  • Adaptor Included

Door Sizing Chart

Overall Size Cut Out Size Glass Cut Out Size
232 mm x 232 mm 171 mm x 180 mm 212 mm diameter


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Aanrader 17/10/2016
by A. van de Poel

Ik ben zeer tevreden over de Petporte Smart Flap. Het scankabeltje was net te kort voor onze muur van 32 cm dik maar de klantenservice heeft dat opgelost door gratis een verlengkabeltje op te sturen. Het enigste verbeterpuntje wat ik zou kunnen bedenken is een softclose luikje. Je hoort namelijk het luikje tegen de grendel komen en ook de klik van de vergrendeling.

> PetSafe Reactie: Geachte Mevrouw van de Poel, bedankt voor uw vriendelijke woorden over uw Petporte en onze klantendienst. Wij proberen een klant met een vraag of probleem, altijd zo snel mogelijk te helpen. Uw verbeterpuntje zal zeker worden doorgegeven aan de ontwikkelaars om te kijken of daar nog iets aan gedaan kan worden.

Fantastica invenzione!!!!! 07/04/2016
by Margherita

Questa porticina è un'invenzione geniale!!! Ho un grande giardino, e tre gatti, ma i visitatori sono sempre tantissimi. Con la Petporte restano fuori, e il microchip non fa nessun male ai miei tre inquilini. Funziona molto bene, c'è una garanzia di due anni, e un call center da poter contattare in caso di problemi. Ho parlato con Sylvester, che è stato gentilissimo e molto efficiente. Grazie!

> PetSafe Risposta: Ciao Margherita , grazie per aver condiviso il tuo feedback con noi!

fixing my pet porte 07/04/2016
by mrs.willy chauvel-waerts

Really very pleased with the help by phone with Sylvester. Who speaks very good different languages. It is not easy for my elderly person to fix the door for my cat. I had several intruders which was not very nice. And with the help of the assistance of Sylvester it is working now very well. Hopefully it will continue like this. Sure I can recommend this kind of smart petporte for a cat with a chip.
Thanks again.
Kindest regards Willy

> PetSafe Response: Hi Willy, thank you very much for this nice review of the Petporte and our Customer Care team. They know so many languages it's hard to keep up with them! Thanks again :)