Deluxe Vehicle Safety Harness

starting at $45.99 45.99 CAD
ps62404 Deluxe Vehicle Safety Harness (Small) CAD 45.99
ps62405 Deluxe Vehicle Safety Harness (Medium) CAD 45.99
ps62406 Deluxe Vehicle Safety Harness (Large) CAD 45.99
ps62407 Deluxe Vehicle Safety Harness (Extra Large) CAD 45.99
45.99 45.99 4 CAD


The Deluxe Car Safety Harness offers a smooth, safe, comfortable road trip for you and your dog. The harnesses have also undergone extensive static testing to 1360+ kg to ensure strength and durability.

Key Features

  • Improves safety by reducing driver distraction and restraining pet in case of sudden stop
  • Fully-padded vest with breathable liner provides superior comfort and safety
  • Easy to load/unload pets
  • Fits ALL vehicles
  • Integrates with vehicle's seat belt system to provide some range of motion while traveling, but locks during sudden stops
  • Includes convenient connection point for dogs lead
  • Optional 3-point attachment accessory available for maximum safety
  • Four sizes available: Small for pets 3 kg-11 kg; Medium for pets 9 kg-25 kg; Large for pets 20 kg-39 kg; Extra Large for pets 26 kg-55 kg