Dog Muzzle

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Is your dog reactive? Does he respond to dogs, people or noises with barking, lunging or biting? Muzzles are safety training tools for keeping control of your dog on visits to the vet, groomer or places that can be scary or overwhelming for your dog. This dog muzzle safely prevents dogs from nipping, biting and barking while still allowing them to pant. Extra padding will keep your dog comfortable, and the fully adjustable snout and neck strap allow for a perfect fit.

Key Features

  • Comfortable padded dog muzzle
  • Inhibits nipping, biting, & barking
  • Mouth opening gives dogs room to pant
  • Fully adjustable at neck and snout
  • Perfect for visits to the vet & groomer
  • Keeps reactive dogs under control

More Information

Muzzles aren't for "bad dogs." Muzzles help keep dogs and people safe. Even though your dog might typically be friendly, he could react and potentially bite when he feels stress, pain, or fear.

Muzzles may be useful for:

  • Injured dogs who need to see a veterinarian
  • Reactive dogs who try to bite or lunge at people or dogs
  • Dogs who get stressed during nail trims & grooming

Help your dog get used to the muzzle before using it with our included safety & training tips. Teaching your dog to be comfortable with the muzzle before a stressful experience will reduce his anxiety during those situations. Dogs should wear the muzzle for less than 45 minutes in normal weather or less time in hot weather. Always supervise your dog while he is wearing the muzzle.

System Includes

  • Muzzle
  • Fitting Guide

Sizing Chart

Size Snout Sample Breeds
Small 17.78 cm - 20.96 cm Jack Russell, Sheltie, Westie
Medium 19.5 cm - 19.69 cm Beagle, Spaniel, Whippet
Large 22.23 cm - 27.31 cm Collie, Pointer, Retriever
Extra Large 25.4 cm - 30.48 cm Great Dane, Newfoundland, giant breeds