Piddle Place™ Pet Potty Bio+ Concentrate (9-Pack) & Turf Treatment

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Piddle Place™ Bio+ Concentrate keeps your Piddle Place™ Portable Pet Potty clean and fresh. Use the concentrate in the base to neutralise pet waste odours. The fast-acting, enzymatic formula breaks down odour-causing compounds and degrades them into odourless compounds instantly. Spray the turf with Piddle Place™ Bio+ Turf Treatment as needed to keep the area fresh. The light lemongrass eucalyptus scent provides long-lasting freshness to your Piddle Place™ potty or any pet potty area, and the natural attractant makes potty training a breeze. This bundle pack includes enough Bio+ Concentrate to last 9 weeks.

Key Features

  • Eliminates odours instead of covering them up
  • Lemongrass eucalyptus turf treatment keeps your pet potty smelling clean & fresh
  • 9-week supply of Bio+ Concentrate
  • Lemongrass acts as a natural attractant
  • No alcohol or harmful chemicals
  • Safe for people & pets


  • Compatible with Piddle Place™ Portable Pet Potty (ZWM00-15907)

More Information

  • Mix 1 pack of Bio+ concentrate with 237 ml of water. Shake well and pour mixture into base. Make sure the valve is closed.
  • Saturate the turf with Piddle Place™ Turf Treatment as needed to keep the area fresh.
  • Always keep enough fluid in the base to blend and neutralise incoming pet waste.
  • To drain or move the Piddle Place™ potty, carry the unit flat without tilting it or pet waste will pour from the top opening. Take to desired location (toilet) and open drain valve.
  • Supervise puppies with the Piddle Place™ potty to prevent them from chewing on the grass mat or drain valve.

System Includes

  • 1 Bio+ Turf Treatment spray bottle
  • 9 foil packets of Bio+ Concentrate
  • 1 spray nozzle