Pet Loo™ Portable Pet Toilet

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psPWM19-14711 Pet Loo™ Portable Pet Toilet (Large) EUR 172.99
psPWM19-14710 Pet Loo™ Portable Pet Toilet (Medium) EUR 148.99
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The Pet Loo™ Pet Toilet is your backyard in a box. This portable indoor/outdoor toilet works for dogs, cats and small pets. Ideal for apartments, potty training and occasions when you can’t let your pet out, the Pet Loo™ Pet Toilet is a convenient alternative to pee pads and midnight bathroom breaks. The top layer of synthetic grass allows urine to drain through into the base. The reinforced base is slightly angled so urine trickles down into the waste container. The waste container catches the urine and is removable for easy clean-up.

Key Features

  • Convenient, portable pet toilet for use almost anywhere
  • Easy to train your pet to use
  • Appealing to dogs- feels like real grass
  • Reinforced base easily supports pet’s weight
  • Removable container for easy cleanup
  • Alternative to pee pads and litter boxes
  • Easy to keep clean- wipe with warm water
  • Optional Pee Pod powder traps liquid and odour


  • For indoor or outdoor use
  • For dogs and cats of any size

System Includes

  • Grass pad pets potty on
  • Reinforced plastic base with angled tray top
  • Removable waste container to catch liquid
  • 1 disposable Pee Pod container fits in waste container
  • Wee Sponge powder trial-size amount; lasts a few days

Pet Loo Sizing Chart

Choose a size based on your pet's size or the size of the location where you will place the toilet. The small toilet is perfect for smaller spaces such as caravans, campers, offices and patios. For dogs who prefer to circle before doing their business, a slightly larger size would be better.

Size Dimensions Pets
Large/Original 83 x 83cm Large/medium dogs
Medium/Mini Wee 63 x 63cm Medium dogs
Small/Kitty Kat 53 x 45cm Small Dogs, Cats, Guinea Pigs, Rabbits, Ferrets

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