SmartDoor™ Electronic Pet Door

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Using radio-frequency technology, the SmartDoor™ Electronic Pet Door reads a unique signal of the SmartKey™ Electronic Key and triggers the flap to unlock so your pets can come and go as they please. When the SmartDoor™ Electronic Pet Door no longer detects your pet’s SmartKey™ Electronic Key, the flap automatically locks back into place. The SmartDoor™ Electronic Pet Door can detect up to five programmed SmartKey™ Electronic Keys and also operates in two other modes: fully locked mode and unlocked mode.


Small children can pass through door. Read entire statement.

Key Features

  • SmartDoor™ Electronic Pet Door has 3 programmable modes: Automatic, Locked and Unlocked
  • Easily program up to 5 pets with a touch of a button
    (one programmed SmartKey™ Electronic Key included)
  • Energy efficient with an insulated UV sun protection flap
  • Multi-Point Locking Flap System
  • Low battery indicator

System Includes

  • SmartDoor™ Electronic Pet Door
  • SmartKey™ Electronic Key
  • Battery (PetSafe® RFA-67)
  • Key Ring
  • 8 x Mounting Screws
  • Operating Guide
  • Cutting Template

Door Sizing Chart

Door Size
Pet Size
Frame Dimensions
Flap Opening
Cut Out Size
Small Up to 6.8 kg 229 mm x 397 mm 136 mm x 200 mm 213 mm x 375 mm
Large Up to 45 kg 410 mm x 600 mm 279 mm x 406 mm 397 mm x 591 mm