Lawn Protector™ Urine Neutralizer

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Lawn Protector™ Water Filter purifies your pet’s drinking water and stops urine from damaging your lawn. Those ugly yellow patches in your grass caused by your dog’s urine can be expensive to repair. This safe, simple and environmentally-friendly solution to urine-burned lawn patches is delivered in a filter pouch in your pet’s water bowl or fountain. The nitrogen in your dog’s urine from the water he drinks causes his urine to become acidic. The filter pouch purifies your dog’s water by removing extra nitrogen, preventing the yellow patches from forming on your lawn.

Key Features

  • Safely prevents urine-burned yellow patches in your grass
  • Filter pouch placed in your dog’s dish purifies water
  • Neutralises minerals that cause nitrogen production
  • 100% natural and safe for all pets
  • Sits flat in the bowl so pets can’t get it out
  • Each filter pouch lasts 1 month

System Includes

  • Pack of 2 - 2 month supply