Staywell® Manual 4-Way Locking Classic Cat Flap

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ps917SGIFD Staywell® Manual 4 Way Locking Classic Cat Flap (White, Tunnel included) EUR 26.99
ps919SGIFD Staywell® Manual 4 Way Locking Classic Cat Flap (White) EUR 23.99
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psESPH-M-BK-19 EasySport™ Harness (Medium, Black) EUR
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23.99 26.99 2 EUR


Our classic door with locking options. The 4-way lock offers the ultimate in flexibility. Set the door to open, closed, in only or out only. Available in white with or without a tunnel and grey with a tunnel.


Small children can pass through door. Read entire statement.


  • For dogs and cats up to 7 kg
  • Rigid, transparent plastic flap
  • Durable plastic frame
  • Fits doors up to 5.7cm thick (with tunnel) or up to 1cm thick (without tunnel)
  • Manual 4-Way lock: in only, out only, open and locked

Door Sizing Chart

Frame Dimensions Flap Opening Cut Out Size Glass Cut Out Size Maximum Pet Shoulder Width
223 mm x 223 mm x 38 mm 135 mm x 163 mm 169 mm x 169 mm 210 mm diameter 163 mm